Oscar Wakandwa

Steadfast. Immovable. Always abounding in the Work of the Lord. This is the call for every believer. It is also a snapshot into the life of Bishop of Souls coalition partner Reverend Oscar Wakandwa. 

Oscar is a Congolese pastor who relocated to Johannesburg. He did this to minister to those seeking refuge from the hardships of central Africa. Sadly, many of the refugees are met with violence, corruption, and profound prejudice.

Most seeking refuge in South Africa find only disappointment, bitterness and poverty. There to meet them is Oscar.

Oscar has made a ministry out of reaching the outcasts. What the world sees as tragedy, Oscar views as opportunity. Oscar himself was abandoned by his father. For this reason, Oscar knows how to minister to those abandoned and neglected by the world. 

Without salary, Rev. Oscar oversees several churches, an orphanage, and a Christian day-care. Rather than complain about what he does not have, Oscar uses what he does have for the Kingdom of God. His success with such meager support can only be attributed to the power of God.

Rev. Wakandwa is at the ready to travel throughout south and central Africa to preach the Word. He also offers his skill in interpreting for English speakers (he is fluent in French, English, and many African languages). And he does not hesitate to provide mercy ministry for those in need.

Oscar has a saying: “God is not concerned about your ability, but your availability.” As with the rest of us at Bishop of Souls, Oscar offers no complaints, and accepts no excuses. We are delighted to have him on the team.