Terror over evil spirits, ancestor worship, and witchcraft keep the African culture in spiritual bondage.

Centuries of false ideology have created a polytheism wherein many may profess Christ in response to a Gospel presentation, then return home to worship their ancestors the same night.

The spiritual intimidation and subjugation from witch doctors hold people in a vice of fear mingled with superstition and a false sense of absolute power emanating from the demonic.

But the Lord Jesus Christ is not relinquishing His hold on the people of Africa; He is not bowing to superstition, to animism, to fear, or to witchcraft.

Bishop of Souls brings the clear & uncompromising message of absolute victory found in salvation in Christ and in Him alone. Impoverished, destitute, violent & persecuted areas unfrequented by the world are our prime areas of call.

The Lord has opened many effective doors, including:

  • Outdoor evangelical events during which the Gospel of Truth is proclaimed zealously & publicly
  • Street evangelism in regions varying from friendly to hostile
  • French and English Bible distributions
  • Counseling new believers who face resistance from family or community. The Lord has broken many barriers of fear through these personal sessions; the results powerfully redirect the lives of the newly free & redeemed
  • Clear Gospel presentations in conventional church settings; many are picked up by local & national TV stations and broadcast throughout the regions
  • Baptisms, for new believers to profess their faith publicly. “Look, here is water! What is to prevent me from being baptized?”

Amen, what indeed? Why should the work cease? We serve the Almighty God. He is able, and willing to save.