There is a spiritual darkness and warfare in Africa which is foreign to Western culture. But these battles are not the only hurdles Christian churches and leaders face.

There is the lure of worldly gain, and the “pleasures” of sin. Further, watered-down, compromised teaching on Sundays plague the African church.

The power of the Gospel. The undeniable effect of Biblical principles on the culture. The testimony of transformed lives. All of these are being used by God to bring change in the regions we serve.

Young adults attest that the corrupt old ways will stop with them. They declare that their own children will live for Christ. Old women take in orphans for the sake of Jesus. The husband of a witch doctor helped to destroy her implements after both came to faith in the Lord.

The courage and commitment of the leaders called into service for the Lord Jesus Christ make for compelling testimonies. They are being used of God to change communities, townships, families and lives for Christ.

Some of the ways the Lord uses Bishop of Souls in Leadership Training & Strengthening include:

  • Leadership conferences
  • Young men & women’s training camps involving Biblically solid, gifted teachers
  • Bible clubs in violent townships for displaced teens
  • Equipping pastors with teaching literature, reading glasses, bicycles, and helping with special projects
  • Personal visitation to beleaguered, marginalized pastors
  • Teaching at universities & other centers of learning
  • Pastors seminars
  • Counseling

Bishop of Souls serves the Lord by identifying men and women with leadership qualities who are active for Christ. These influential soldiers can be strengthened and equipped for more effective service.

Many are identified at the conferences and camps we sponsor, or at community evangelical events. We see them serving local orphans, or calling their congregations to rejoice in the face of persecution.

Others are pastors faithfully serving in their local townships. These pastors benefit from the support Bishop of Souls can provide in the Name of Jesus Christ. This expands their resources and assists in broadening their service areas, so the Gospel goes even further.