Bishop Lambalamba

Bishop Lambalamba is a spiritual overseer in one of the most chaotic places in the world, the DR Congo. In the recurring warfare over recent years it is estimated that as many as 5.4 million people have died, roughly half of them children. This is a place where people perish. Nevertheless, God has placed His man, Bishop Lambalamba in this place of despair for such a time.

Lambalamba is a visionary for Christ.

By God’s grace, Lambalamba’s uncompromising leadership has given him extraordinary opportunities to direct Central Africa to Jesus Christ. His sphere of influence is massive. As the director of the network of “Come and See” churches, he oversees over a thousand congregations. Furthermore, he owns the Christian radio and television stations in Lubumbashi (the second largest city in the Congo). He uses these outlets strictly for the glory of God. They air Christian teaching, music and public service announcements at no cost to our coalition.

Bishop Lambalamba has a sharp sense of organization and timing. He is keenly sensitive to the moving of the Spirit of God, and avails his resources to Kingdom work at a moment’s notice. This allows us to organize large and effective conferences, crusades, and revival events at a fraction of the typical cost.

Lambalamba is a focused and gifted preacher of the Word of God. He has been used of the Lord to open wide the doors of the Congo to the victorious Work of Jesus Christ. We are blessed by his leadership, generosity, influence and insight. Lambalamba is a great friend and partner to Bishop of Souls.