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A note on requests for support:

Bishop of Souls is a non profit organization reaching out with the Gospel of Jesus to the forsaken. 

Bishop of Souls does support genuine requests based on availability of funds. But prior to the request, please send us full details on your request for support.

These details will include individual pictures of every orphan with a short story (such as names, address, special needs, and financial status of each person). 

Money of the kingdom must help the real need, not people who have the means.

We encourage local churches and non governmental organizations to have a program for assisting the vulnerable and forsaken. It is one of the best programs of the Gospel that every church should include in its budget.

Should you need advice on how to start such programs, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

After starting said program, please inform us of your challenges, weaknesses and strengths of your church and organization to see how we can join hands in building the kingdom of God.

P.S. we also reserve the right to publish pictures of people we support in our organization for fundraising purposes.

Bless you.